Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strange Journey

And so....My first memory of Rocky Horror was when my best friend in High School told me about a movie where people talked back at the screen and threw items related to the movie to feel like you were part of it. I thought that was so cool. That following summer we went to go see Fame and it featured a bit of the movie. My friend had leaned over to me and said that was the movie he was talking about. My friend had purchased the picture book and we researched all the lines. Remember this was before Internet.

On October 25, 1980 we traveled to Albany to go see it. We knew what to bring and say. It was amazing. I laughed so much. What an experience. From then on all thru our Junior and Senior year of High School we went every weekend. There were times that some theatres had stopped showing it but we had followed it where ever it was showing. It was some of the best times during High School.

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